4/6/22 Blackcomb Steep Perfection

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06 Apr 2022 21:33 #235886 by avajane
4/6/22 Blackcomb Steep Perfection was created by avajane
Probably should have gone yesterday……But whatever - today was great! Went up from Creekside and Peak to Peaked right over. Skied perfect NON freeze/thaw laps on 7th and then skied all of Crystals groomers (all with my wife). Went back to 7th for the High Crystal Traverse (Great for Blue Bird Days). Major interruption when we saw the T Bar running! Said bye and took off for Blackcomb Glacier. Blow Hole was hiding,  but the left side looked like ok wind blown leftovers, so I hopped right in even though everyone else was traversing to ski the middle. My run was perfect! The chop skied great, and fresh windboard at the bottom took turns easily! I was totally stocked, so just kept skiing the left side all the way down. I like to go hard left near the bottom of Surf’s Up to catch some of the steep in Sapphire Bowl. Again, it looked like windblown, but skied perfect….I’m at a loss for words but loved whatever it was! Even the ski out was wide and soft and smooth! After that I had to hit Spanky’s, so headed up to Glacier Chair again. My chair partners had never skied over there and asked if they could join. I knew it would be good so was glad to oblige. The ladder climbed easy (even for an old man) and there was a sweet drop in without difficulty into Garnet. It skied so well I went right to the middle Diamond entrance and asked the girls how it looked and they were stoked! It dropped perfect as well, and even the narrows was mostly soft and easy to ski. The steep never skied this nicely before! Since we were on a roll, did Ruby and Pakaloloo as well before I had to catch the Peak to Peak back home. It goes without saying that after such a day I had to have a beer at Seppos, and a ski down Goat’s Gully! That was Spring Bliss….That meant I missed Toilet Bowl - but I still got Fallaway in perfect afternoon fast slush. Even the rest of Dave Murray skied well in the late afternoon sun.

ps Saw a picture later in the day of a large avalanche down the middle of the signed “run” down Blackcomb Glacier. It happened around 12-1:00. Frightening to me as that Bowl isn’t that steep - and I had just earlier been skiing the steeper side 

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