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Crystal - 04/06 Happy Big Sunny Leftovers

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06 Apr 2022 15:02 #235885 by ddk
Ski Report - Yee Haaa!  Fun leftovers day for an admitted small rodent in heavens treadmill.... Early Chex lineup was there but pretty small normal end of season sized for a never-ending spring break week (do kids and college aged youngsters ever spend time in school anymore?) ...Cold early and never got overly warm for my old body...light east wind kept the main groomer I did - MIFB - just the wrong side of mush...but gotta say it was groomed early perfect with undulating bumps?  HUH?  That with the combination of great leftovers in GV Bowl made for a number of happy early runs.... Then, extra early CH 6 opened and PB called!  Did a couple mid-morning laps in PB - rocks showing (duh?) at the top, but there were ways around them and the Coombas survived another happy day with no dings!  PB - great cut up leftovers.  Had double my vert from yesterday in the same amount of time skiing and it was big SUNNY with views from Hood to Baker to the Olympics and everywhere in between.  Passed through CB lodge late morning before one last PB lap and finished with a few REX laps...Fun day, no lift lines - but folks kept filling the lifts. And the lifts were on diesel again today...saw a number of fuel haulers heading up this morning and even more this afternoon...only big plus is that REX was running close to full speed and burning the fossil fuels today - sad! 

Other - As noted passed through CB lodge to check the soup...Ched Broc again and the pizza oven was still heating up?   When I finally left, the A lot was full, with a Sturtevant's barbeque (in between two rows of parked cars - lots of folks) and another big group further back, B and C looked like pushing full of widely spaced random rows, cars in D and that might have been it.   Drive up was back to season ending happy, drive down was mostly good till I hit a small cluster that had a led car that definitely was random on the speed.... Lowlands driving was better than typical.   Great day! Fun leftovers day!  Ready for the big heat wave tomorrow...gotta go wax the skis for sticky snow tomorrow..

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