Crystal - 3/25

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25 Mar 2022 15:57 #235842 by CD
Crystal - 3/25 was created by CD
So much better today.  No cold east wind, mostly clear skies, and groomers soft from opening on.  Front side went off at 11am.  Best run of the day was gondie line top to bottom.  Someone's been out there pounding some really nice lines.  I suspect it was patrol as they were the only ones we saw out there on our multiple trips.

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25 Mar 2022 16:24 #235843 by ddk
Replied by ddk on topic Crystal - 3/25
Aaaahhhh A CD post!

Many more words on a very nice day......

Ski Report - Another great day for Hamster skiing...and actually very good on the main groomers off of REX and GVex...MIFB was icy early but already softening at the bottom of it my first run and it only got better all morning - prime time from 9:30 to 11...bumped into the Ferkinater after a couple of runs on REX and then my morning turned into can I keep up especially with random suggestions that were out of my typical hamster treadmill zone...and I gotta say it was fun but it beat me up..skied way north (well Snorting Elk Bowl) to way south (well Boondoggle via TLC - ouch! TLC was scarry when you haven't bounced through there in a few years and plus the area between Melby's and MIFB - very nice).  Nice grooming on the upper mountain from the start and lots of them turned into nice soft butter to nice soft spring mush - Yee Haa!. The "new" ProCourse was steep and awesome fun, SnortElk Bowl was even steeper and smoother and faster plus that nice compression at the bottom, LS wall to wall groomed into Gandys was prime!  And the other late season bonus - Ultra Light crowd with no real lift lines - but had to wait a chair or two a few times and ride with extra random folks' other times.  Big sun, getting big heat as the morning progressed, lots of views and did I say it was FUN!  Ouch!  Lots of high-speed skiing meant lots of fast vert (10k per hour Mr Binx!).   Noticed and had heard reports about how nice Gondy line was late yesterday and it looked big mid-day today! 

Other - Due to skiing with The Ferkinator today it was a very late pass-through CB lodge to look at the food options.... They had Noodle bowls that looked very eatable, lots of typical stuff, Red Lentil soup, lots of cardboard pizza - including funny sausage balls and what might have been Canadian bacon! But no food today...

Other Other - One Crystal Express bus, big fairly full special lot, Pay lot small and looked like pushing full, free A lot had a few rows but lots of empty, Carpool lot fair sized and actually had cars in it!, rest of C might have been passed half, B lot had cars passed the shuttle stop, cars in D and a parentally there was a few folks at Crystal today.  Drive up and down happy time Elk seen by me - but I  might have been dozing off...

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