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Crystal - 03/17 Happy St Pats Day!

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17 Mar 2022 16:47 #235812 by ddk
Ski Report - Back from special assignment? Not!  Just things in life!
Short report - Variable snow conditions, heard reports that PB was not pleasant early morning, GV Bowl was okay, but I did not do it enough, grooming in the Valley and off FQex was very pleasant (Binx crew opinion?)  No grooming on MIFB or the lower steep runs at the base - HUH? Snowpack looks great right now, better coverage than a month ago. Vis great all day, great views of the southern volcanos this morning...Rainier donut hole worked great today while we were up.

Ultra-wordy ski report...kinda funny day...rode the Bucket for the 1st time in a couple of years! YEEE HAAA...Not! but the bucket had the right amount of folks, and the conversation was pleasant with CMskier wife's friends.... why did the bucket ride happen? CHex had major chair spacing problems at the top that apparently continued all day - heard about half hour rides when it was running, and it was dead again when we skied to the base.... Other than that typical normal Crystal lift problems (I hate CHex)...the rest of our day was very happy and fun.... ultra-end of season light crowd (lucky for the early morning Bucket load!).  Never saw a lift line the rest of the day...Snow?  Well it was not yesterday!...Random grooming that was very nice both in the Valley and on FQex (#1 was very happy and I have to say she had a very big day - especially having to do LS for her first run of the day!)...No grooming on MIFB - heard it was not pleasant early, LS was reasonable early, but later it felt like they had used a Zamboni on the lower steeper pitch.  Snowpack is deep and great...but heard bad comments about PB during our late lunch and a snowboarder at the bottom of SunnySide was not thrilled! DUH!  GV Bowl was skiable but not prime today for me, groomers in the Valley very good as were the runs off of FQex - which I have to say were excellent.  Skied later than we have all season - 2pm Ouch! and #1 said it was a great day for her - I agree since I was almost nice and skied with her most of the day.

Other - Paused in CB lodge for a late lunch...very social time, split some fries with #1 - not many food options anymore.... Soup was Tomato Bazil again, pizza was available.... fair number of folks in the lodge.  Base lodge was mostly hard cores this morning.
Only one bus in the A lot, construction crew is working hard around the base area, rest of late season Pay lot was small and almost full, free area of A lot full, Carpool lot small and empty, rest of C random parking wasting a lot of space, B lot actually had cars beyond the shuttle stop...and that's all I remember. Drive up and down was at happy cruise control high speed...till we hit the lowlands mess on the way home.   Fun day, Fun St Patty's day!  Better than then the forecasts as usual.

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