Crystal - 03/10 BIG!

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10 Mar 2022 16:59 #235787 by ddk
Crystal - 03/10 BIG! was created by ddk
Ski Report - BIG!  But smaller early crowd! And smaller all-day crowd! Big cold early. Big happy primo grooming early (and all day due to the ultra-light crowd!). Big sun to help warm up a little.  Nice big West wind that didn't bother you till the very top of REX and the upper ridge to GVex.  Big fun prime grooming in the Valley - bigger Pro Course (almost Intercourse line?), ultra-Big grooming on LS from wall to wall plus Little Portio (gotta say I missed my fav bumps on the upper and lower LS steep areas....but the big black diamond steep grooming on the skiers right side was very BIG fun).  #1 had a BIG day starting on FQex till she got lonely and bored!  Hooked up for more T2B runs with her than I've done since pre Covid!  Both Kellys Gap  and GV to MIFB to Lower Ferks (Bullrun) were very fun and lonely nice.   No lift lines...almost had to make extra effort to be antisocial and ride solo.   Fun day, Fun Sun, Fun lack of participation on a non powder day. 

Other - Passed through CB lodge...pretty quiet except for a lot of parting regulars who I have not seen there in a long while - plus Scotsman...bonus! Soup was Tomato Basil (still?), #1 went ultra light on her food - I ate illegal personal food.  Parking lots were the "newest" normal - extra space at the top of A lot for the April 1st deconstruction project, 2 buses, plenty of space for the Special Folks, rest of pay lot pushing full due to decreased space, bottom of A free parking half full, Carpool lot empty, rest of C trying to fillup, ,B lot tried to fill up to the shuttle stop, might have been cars in D and E.   Some folks today but end of season happy for most regular hard cores.  Drive up and down at way happy speed.  Only saw a couple of Elk way off the road above Greenwater.  Bottom line - way BIG fun day in the cold sun with big views everywhere...we were very happy.

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