Crystal - 02/25 Balmy Big Sun

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25 Feb 2022 17:15 #235742 by ddk
Crystal - 02/25 Balmy Big Sun was created by ddk
Ski Report - Ultra cold early...well not really, but after sitting in the base lodge where the air conditioning was running full blast it felt ultra-cold outside...But at 8:55 when I was riding up REX in the big sunshine things kept improving all day...almost balmy by late morning and the telemetry showed some pretty toasty conditions in the late afternoon.  Groomers off of REX were prime and fast (helped wearing my covid mask, best nose chin covering I've ever worn in cold windy conditions).  Fair sized light crowd for the start bell and more folks kept showing up all morning (and still showing up when I left).  Running solo, other than a run with Mr Ferdinan (sp), so it was total hamster treadmill day for me....Only have second hand reports and some of my visual observations - Looked nice on Hamburger, looked nice in Bearpits, didn't ever notice any folks in PB - but lots of left over tracks, didn't look good for the crash test folks in a lot of other parts of Campbell Basin or the front side of REX - probably all improved with the big afternoon heat.  REX lines were nonexistent, some folks standing around at FQex when I passed through late morning, GVex looked like lots of full chairs from a distance.  MIFB was pretty nicely groomed and showing a good softening trend, LS was LS as was the backside road to it.  Secondhand reports - Right Angle (or maybe Left Angle) was pretty nice this morning, EH was many times repeatable on Tuesday and probably still great in the cold shade.  Fun day, fast day, still some crowds on the mid-day groomers.

Other - Passed through CB lodge to check the soup...early Ched Broc leftovers with a comment that Chicken Noodle was next up - didn't check back later to see.  Had a piece of pizza that was too big (HUH?)  

Other Other - One bus in the A lot, Special folks parking fairly full, rest of A pushing 3/4's, Carpool lot looked pretty full, rest of C almost, B was also pushing full, with cars in D and E.  So, there was a lot of folks on the mountain somewhere.   Fast nice quiet drive in the morning with one unexpected Elk before Fed Forest, didn't see any other cars till almost the blvd.  Drive down was very pleasant and even in the lowlands.   All in all, a very nice day.

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