Crystal - 02/15 Got Fog?

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15 Feb 2022 16:38 #235714 by ddk
Crystal - 02/15 Got Fog? was created by ddk
Ski Report - Variably variable. Looked ugly early, but MIFB had mostly good vis for high speed relatively nice groomer skiing...and there wasn't many whacks on it (besides me).  Fog in, fog out, pretty much all morning, got lucky for some nice icy bump skiing in GV bowl late morning after bumping into Mr Ferd.  Skied fast and got big vert in the first hour, cat groomers covered up the rocks on the main REX groomers impressively last night - even the back side cat track to LS was pleasant?   Upper Ferks to the short Pro Course to MIFB was the Hamster run, with those mid-day GV bowl bump runs - nice new piles of soft to ski over the very nice and icy bump troughs.   Beat myself up and left later than the "new" old person normal.

Other - Did a mid-morning run to the base to eat a very good expensive breakfast sandwich and then had a late morning day old (maybe an hour old) piece of pepperoni cardboard pizza - think I had a tapeworm issue today.   Didn't see many folks in the lodges...especially most of the regulars that are now on vaca around the West.  Bus lot was massive when I arrived and had one bus in it when I left, special folks' lot was huge and half empty, rest of A lot from the Alpine Inn bridge was half fullish, Carpool lot had one car in it, rest of C was pushing 2/3's, B lot had cars parked past the shuttle stop, some cars in there were a few folks around.  Drive up was at speed and apparently, I was sleeping on the way up - cause other folks talked about the massive Elk heard from Greenwater through the Ranch area.  Drive down was wide awake and pleasantly fast.   Had a fun day as usual - would have been more fun if Mr Binx had not dumped me first thing this morning, but Mr Ferd filled in nicely.

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