Crystal - 02/09 Got Fog?

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09 Feb 2022 14:14 #235697 by ddk
Crystal - 02/09 Got Fog? was created by ddk
Ski Report - Looked ugly early, light misty grey fuzzy up high.... but luckily after my first blind run down LS, the next run down MIFB was improving on the vis-oh-meter, the groomers were soft from the start (40 at the base will do that), kept getting nicer in some areas - GV bowl (anywhere with baby bumps and vis) and MIFB became my Hamster rodent run of the day.  Lots of rocks to dodge, plus lots of tree moss liter - hard to tell what a rock was and what was just moss.  Fair nice sun breaks in the Valley and MIFB mid-morning and for my late morning runs.  It was getting ultra-soft and sticky with my wax when I bailed at noon with happy tired quads and plenty of vert for my old person season this year. Things are looking really ugly on the mountain - looks like late April in some places - OUCH!  Oh well, we are still sliding on somewhat white stuff.

Other - Paused in CB lodge for a relatively early look see...not much to pizza at all, soup was that yukky Ched Brocc, but made up for it with a nice conversation about fly fishing with Craig!  Five buses when I left, special folks parking big again and not very full, rest of A was pushing half-ish,  Carpool  lot 99.9 percent empty, rest of C maybe 2/3rds, B lot full to the shuttle stop....and that all there lift lines at all (other than a slight bump on FQex when I passed through).  Drive up and down was mostly at happy cruise control speed, did see one tall rodent just before Fed Forest this morning - kinda woke me up!   Fun all in all day...gonna try to figure out what kinda wax for tomorrow - or at least bring a block or two. 

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