Crystal - 01/03/2022 Happy New Year and Ouch!

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03 Jan 2022 14:40 #235532 by ddk
Ski Report - Great snow (but somewhat wind blown), Deep snow (ouch for under used quads), not much evidence of the overnight grooming since the snow was so deep, Big early  early early crowd, which was tolerable since I only suffered the morning CHex line and then skied casual morning on FQex (wasn't willing to wait for the REX opening? what time? not before 10:30 based on what I noticed). Snowing hard all morning with lots of swirling winds. Big lineup at REX around 11:30 - maybe not last year bad, but definitely busy.  Bailed at noon just as everything opened up, but the brain and quads were exhausted from the morning typical Crystal powder frenzy.  Probably was a really fun day for the "real" skiers.

Other - Went into CB lodge when they finally unlocked the doors, soup was the never-ending Red Lentil stuff, I had a pepperoni pizza which would have been a really good cheese pizza (lack of pepperoni in the hidden box pizza containers - another great ultra-green concept).   Pay lot might have been half full if it had parking control, B and C were pushing full and a lot of cars where still coming up the Blvd when I left.  Lots of overnight parked cars were buried and would need a shovel to get out - I had 5" on my truck just from the morning dump. Drive up was the most painful early drive I have had....big lineup and driving ultra-safe (SLOW), longest drive I have had in a very very long time.  Drive down was better but still slow.   

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