Crystal - 12/16

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16 Dec 2021 13:51 - 16 Dec 2021 13:56 #235448 by ddk
Crystal - 12/16 was created by ddk
Ski Report - Great snow quality, new blown in deep in areas and other areas wind scoured from last night, nice cold temps, vis looked good early, but faded as the morning progressed - close to the trees was best late morning.  Perfect snow quality baby bumps for the Hamster and his wimpy quads.  Most bump skiing for me so far and felt great early, but the quads blew out by late morning.  Lots of twigs and baby firs poking through the snowpack - nice when you know there are no rocks...but rocks are popping out in lots of places - upper MIFB was a mine field, rest of the run was pretty good, except for the bottom sphincter area.  Rocks showing in many other areas also - the Rock Coombas had another great day (love those rock skis), but they did take a little abuse.  Great morning, no lift lines where I was when I was there - huh?  Lots more familiar faces I had not seen yet this season.  Great quality snow, Great morning, Sad blown quads - but more vert and more happy bump skiing.

Other - Arrived typically early to get CHex slot #6, nice mellow time in the base lodge staying warm.  CHex started loading at 8:45 to a fair-sized lineup...but from then on it was pretty much ski up and get on everywhere.   Checked CB lodge soup situation and it was pretty much the same as all week, but they called it Vegen Minestrone with lots of vegy's.   Still waiting for the soup of the "real" day.

Other Other - Pay lot was maybe 1/3 full, C pushing 3/4 and B had a bunch of cars way passed the cattle carload zone.  Drive up was early and pleasant, drive down was early and at speed until the road dirt bypass in the burn area - 5-minute chill wait.

Other Other Other - Just noticed that CB lodge closed again today....heard that Crystal has some "new" power issue that is blowing things up - its always something!
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