Crystal - 12/14/21 Diamonds in The Sky and Snow

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14 Dec 2021 14:17 #235435 by ddk
Ski/Snow Report - Great conditions, perfect snow quality for the Northwest, cold smoke diamonds both in the snow and in the sky.  Boot top new blanket over the whole mountain on top of yesterday's sweet snow. Still brush and rocks and stuff in typical places, but if you know where to go not a problem.  Ultra early light crowd - but it was a lot of the efficient folks at cutting up everything visible and it was all very visible!   Groomers I did were very nice - Downhill on FQex, some small sections in the Valley and LS had a nice slot.    But off  piste anywhere I went to was very nice cold soft fun.  Lots of early season baby bumps to make my quads happy.  Did my first runs down SunnySide (original), MIFB (all good but challenging at the bottom spincter and early West Face (thanks to Mr Ferk for West Face and beating up the rest of my wimpy quads.  It was great sun while I was at Crystal and even with the cold temps the sun makes everything warmer and better (mentally). Quit kinda early with blown quads and a good early season vert oh meter kinda day.

Other - Checked the soup situation at CB lodge, still left over from yesterday (Vegan Vegy Red Lintel, looks good but not Chicken Noodle).  Lots of familiar regulars with a few more every day.  Hard cores were beating up the big skier areas again today.  PB and CB Basin looked incredibly nice but did not see any activity up there today.

Other Other - Drive up was ice skating quality from almost my house (Fairwood), so it was 4 wheeling all the way, slow but steady before the traffic stupid's hit the roads.  Drive down was way early enough to be pleasant except for one uphill passer (made me slow down and freak).   Pay lot was badly spaced parking and would have been a 1/3 full if Crystal had any parking lot attendants.  C lot pushing 4/5's, B lot had lots of funny single rows taking up lots of space.

Other Other Other - Nice to be close to old normal during these times of new normal.  Lifts loading to capacity, no lift line like last year on Powder days - Yee Haa!

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