Crystal - 12/10/2021 Opening Day (for me)

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10 Dec 2021 14:24 #235416 by ddk
Ski report - Frozen human made snow on Arwines, Lower Tinker Bell and lower QuickSilver was not pleasant early but did get better with skier traffic. Upper QuickSilver was very nice packed carveable  groomed with some off piste "safe" areas nice with mid+ boot new.  And thats all there is to say about the snow conditions today. Based on wimpy quads and lack of "real" regular exercise this summer the conditions today were great. The BMW's got to go skiing for the first time in a couple of years and were happy to get the rust scrapped off their edges.  All in all a fun finally first day for me of the season.  Conditions were both better and worse than expected.  Cloudy with good vis and some almost sun, cold temps (mostly cause of the lazy skiing and riding Quick(SLOW)Silver to many times - ouch! Worst improvement by the previous management.

Other - Light crowd, cluster of folks for opening at 9AM!  (real ski area start time? No more early opening?), But no lines for the rest of the morning and lots of solo lift rides for me - did get -1 chair again today.   Pay lot had one of the new busses and a row and a half of cars - so it was about 95% empty today.  C lot did get 4/5's full, B lot had a couple of funny long rows back to the shuttle stop and that was pretty much it.   Fair number of folks heading up as I left.

Other Other - Arrived way to hyper early, beat most of the employees and all the parking lot folks, but it was pleasant standing around and harassing the hard-working new employees. Drive up early was nice and lonely, a few Elk with one nice looking bull.  Snow on the road from Greenwater.   Drive home was looking very happy, no snow on the road and light traffic until the burn area from last year - ouch! Got to drive on a dirt bypass after waiting for uphill traffic.... looks like recent weather has made the state decide to take down the remaining trees on the north side of 410 in that area.
Bottom line - Nice to be a lazy lift served hamster on snow again!

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