Crystal - 11/25/2020

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25 Nov 2020 13:45 #234145 by ddk
Crystal - 11/25/2020 was created by ddk
OUCH oh OUCH!  Today was a screwup from our way to late start to our way to early quit! The mountain was a disaster,
the reservation system dont look like its working and if the Gov was up there today he would shut down the operation.

Short report - New snow made for nice quality on what little we got to ski. Vis on the FQex side was nice - never got
to  check out the REX side north.  All we did was a few runs on Queens and Downhill to Rolling K (to check out the
REX line when it finally opened - 1030? Not sure exactly - line looked way to mentally big to try). Ended our day way to 
early and very disappointed in the "new" world of limited capacity and reservations(?).  If everybody on mountain had
reservations then something went wrong with the system

Other - Did ask CB lodge folks what the soup was today: Clam Chow again - I mentioned that today was not a Friday. They
said Chick Noodle was somewhere on the future schedule.

Other More - Had a drive up from the Claw that reminded me why we started going extra early to sit around in the base
lodge for an hour.  Non stop lineup from the Claw, with more than one slow up or stop all the way to Crystal. Might
have to start sitting around in the truck a little longer in the morning. When we arrived at the mountain had decent 
parking in the A lot, but B and C were already parking at the shuttle stops.  Line up on CHex was not to painful,
but #1 said she was ready to do REX first run! Ouch again since  REX was not running and the word was at least a half
hour and I think it was longer (should have gotten there early and rode the bucket to get to the Valley - must have
been nice for the that crowd).  Most painful issue - FQex was mostly stop and go, never ever seen it that bad. Big 
Boss said it was a sad perfect storm of temps and weather and who knows what?  Would  have been pleasant enough
if not for the non stop stopping.  Chair 6 opened early, would have been nice base on  what the Fireman yelled  at
me, but I was with #1 at that point (another unusually be nice day for me).  After we saw the wierd big  line
on REX we bailed! To see even more of a screwed up mess at Crystal today.

Other Other Ouch! - Drove out at 11am (ouch), to a almost full A lot and a full B,C,D,E,H(new) and F lots. With folks
walking up with their gear since the shuttles were packed and backed up - waited at the F lot for 10 minutes for
shuttles to get in and out and cars getting directed in F (which already looked full).  Drove down the Blvd past
a lineup of  cars almost all the way down to the open view points (at least half the blvd). Saw more cars heading
up with skis on their racks  all  the way to Greenwater.  OUCH!!!!!  Cant imagine where all the folks on the mountain
today were going to hangout (or get food or anything else)  Total Disaster.

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25 Nov 2020 15:37 #234148 by Carbonj
Replied by Carbonj on topic Crystal - 11/25/2020
Yep I turned around at bottom of the hill, solid line of traffic to buck creek on the way down. It reminded me of christmas break pre pandemic.

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26 Nov 2020 07:38 #234151 by altasnob
Replied by altasnob on topic Crystal - 11/25/2020
Crystal claims they have reduced reservation capacity for Thursday through the weekend due to excessive crowds on Wednesday. Southback was nice and was surprisingly uncrowded. Rocks on the traverse doing a good job of scaring people away.

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