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Jan 15th  DAY, 2005, Crystal mt.

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15 Jan 2006 15:21 #212178 by Robie
Oh, big day at Crystal. Light powder big crowds.South back open, North backcountry open but no shuttle service. We skied/boarded mostly high Campell. It was a hoot. My nephew's boarder friend from Kentucky had never seen powder before! He aquitted himself quite well.<br>Sean my 19 year old nephew had us pick up his new twin tip Line skis from REI and I mounted the bindings for him. Hmm darn things have bindings mounted in the center of the ski in stead of toes on center! I Learned what a "manual" is. <br>They fell asleep in the car on the way back and hit the sack right away. Musta done something right.

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