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November 6, 2005, Crystal

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08 Nov 2005 02:38 - 08 Nov 2005 02:45 #211978 by TomK
November 6, 2005, Crystal was created by TomK
11/6/05 - Opening weekend Sunday at Crystal Mt.  Very nice on the upper mountian with 33 degrees in lot A, 27 at the top of Forest Queen.  Basicly no wind so it didn&#8217;t feel too cold.  Overcast with a few blue holes all morning.  Snow was cascade fresh with a pole-push test getting 30 inches.  Saw a couple of small natural release slides up in Cambell Basin plus they were popping charges on the Green Valley/Snorting Elk bowl side in the morning.  Found lots of stashes for a few fresh turns all over the place.  The crowd got a little heavy with 10-20 minute liftline waits at REX and Forest Queen.  Cambel Lodge was not cooking, but the bathrooms were open.  High Campbell chair 6 opened just after noon, but we were already tired from lapping the Queens/CMAC/Downhill/Magoo routes and trees. Gotta be carefull with my knee since it was opened up back in July.  We bagged it at 1:30 due to tired legs and back-of-calf rug-burn.   When we rolled down the hill, all the parking lots were pretty close to full, but there was no shuttle so everyone had to hoof it.  A great first day.   TomK & Kerry each on two sticks,  Chad & Carrie on uni-planks. ;D<br><br>Edited to add date and location.

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