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August 13th, 2005, Snowbird Ut

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14 Aug 2005 13:07 #211946 by smollner
August 13th, 2005, Snowbird Ut was created by smollner
Quick note: I didnt know where to put this. I decided to put this here becuase I rode the tram up and down the mountain. It wasnt really that backcountry as well. <br><br>On Saturday I went snowboarding up at snowbird. Really easy to get to and great snow for this time of the years. Way less slushy then one would think, more of a corn snow. I caught the 12:15 tram up to the top of hidden peak from there it was about a 15 minute hike down to the snow which is near the little cloud chair. The snow is between the Mark Malu fork and last chance runs. Its about 250 feet of vert and 400 feet long. Good enough to finish up my first full year of boarding at least one day every m<br>onth.

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