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May6, 2005, Mammoth Mtn.,CA

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12 May 2005 17:30 #211915 by Zap
May6, 2005, Mammoth Mtn.,CA was created by Zap
May 5 was a storm day in the Sierras and we took the opportunity to restock groceries and do laundry. Bryan and Carol returned to Seattle and Joe and Paul headed south. The forecast was for a snow advisory but the intensity was less than forecast. We drove north and stayed at the hot springs near Mammoth with a forecast for more snow. The evening was cool. I called the Mammoth ski report at 6:30am and they reported 12 inches of new with moderate winds and a base temperature of 25 degrees. Sounded like a powder day to me. We used our Whistler Edge cards to get half price lift tickets at 25. The lifts open at 8:30 and we were on chair number 6. The winds were gusting and I doubt they would run the lifts in WA with these moderate winds. It was obvious the 12 inches of new powder was moving downhill and the wind drifts confirmed it. The upper gondola and Face lift chair were ON HOLD which attracted about 40 diehards who waited for an hour to make first tracks. They never opened. It was winter conditions with powder and packed powder but my face shot powder day dreams never materialized. After cycling the lifts for a few hours, we decided to head north towards Tioga Pass. <br><br>There was a second hand rumor that Tioga Pass road was open to Ellery Lake. The rumor is FALSE. The road is gated in the normal location and the newest rumor is that it will not open until July 4th. The great event for the day was the Mobil restaurant which is about a half mile west along the Tioga Pass road is now open. If you are in the area, you have to stop here. The meals are fantastic! Jill had the fish tacos and I had the chicken Caesar salad wraps which were excellent. A pint of Ben n Jerrys ice cream was taken back to our hillside campsite with a view of the Sierras and devoured (by Jill). Zap<br>

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