Yodelin Deep and Heavy

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by MtnPavlas on 1/1/21 10:35am

With NWAC orange and red all over the map, and snow levels as high as 3900', where do you go for some relatively safe and enjoyable turns? The answer for years has been Yodelin! We saw and spoke with multiple parties throughout the day - at the end of it the skintrack looked like a highway (thank you to the person/party who put it in).

So the report ... we saw 12-20" of heavy fresh on firm base, and didn't see any signs of instability. Skiing was hard due to the snow volume and "weight" with some interesting consequences if you happened to eat it - digging yourself out of the typical PNW Cascade concrete cost you more calories than the skinning all day. Pretty fun day out, though, while many other places were getting rained on.

Sitting in crawling traffic for 40 minutes before reaching Sultan on the way back reminded us why we don't go to Stevens (from the West side) too often.

In closing - please step aside from the skintrack when peeing, and/or bury your yellow art afterwards. Picking up after your pooch is generally a courteous thing to do, as well. I swear I read somewhere these things piss off the snow gods royally, and with a flick of their wrist they can change La Niña into Pineapple Express.


SE aspect


Credit Eric

Love that backcountry powder turn! Thanks for the report. You can also sometimes come east when the avy danger is high. This is one of those times...

Ha, thanks for the tip, @avajane, will ping you for deets if you're willing to share : )

"...digging yourself out of the typical PNW Cascade concrete cost you more calories than the skinning all day"


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