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Whistler Side Country

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Posted by avajane on 12/8/21 6:46pm

As usual I got tired of high speed groomers after a few hours and got lucky seeing Harmony open. Vis was good, so I cruised “out of bounds” Burnt Stew Trail in the cold sunshine at 50 plus. I was the only one there till the Lil uphill under the Symphony lift. Lots of large groups learning. I was the first person to drop into Boundary Bowl in a while. Being alone and without gear, I stuck to the lowest angle and felt very at home again…The snow wasn’t good up top with some weird Rime on it, but it got better down low. I traversed out of the Bowl and back to Harmony. Not happy with the snow quality, I went back up and this time skied Symphony to the bottom on fantastic untracked low angle powder! My favorite! Took a picture of an empty lift platform and walked out.

Symphony all for me


Boundary Bowl


Adagio (maybe)


Nice Day😀


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