Washington Pass (Perfect)

WA Cascades Central E
Posted by avajane on 5/28/20 9:49pm

Today made up for the Spring I lost. One of those days that make you really want another one...But it’s not needed...

Drove up late in the evening and saw some wild temps as I got above 4,000. While going uphill from Winthrop around 11, it went from 47 to 52 by the hairpin, and then dropped to 42 at the Pass! I was worried about mashed potatoes, but was counting on a clear enough night to get some crust recovery and I did. 41 degrees at 7am, but with a hard crust that still skinned well. Was thinking of going in deep, but was solo, and I found perfect corn, a beautiful Alpine Bowl, and a Larch Ridge I took to 6900’ with steeps on each side. I did laps. Light, high overcast all day till I left around 2:00. Everyone was having fun up there today!

Larch Ridge

Early Winters Lake Bowl

Perfect mid morning corn on a great late spring day

Finally got my videos up!

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