WA Pass (B-day + Copper)

WA Cascades NE
Posted by Snowboy on 5/28/20 8:24am

Jaunt around WA pass this past Saturday. Started at Spire gully, crusty in the morning but managed without ski crampons. Corn down Madison Ave. Sun was out so a scenic side trip up Copper was in order. Checked out maple leaf, entrance is guarded by a large cornice and chute is filled with avi debris. Skied back down to the pass and then up and out lookers left of the standard route. Great day in the mountains 

Looking back at Copper

Looking back on Madison

Beautiful day and pictures.

2020-05-29 04:32:50

Hey thats me head down in your second image. Haha

Was a great weekend to get out!

I'm always looking for partners in the Hwy 20 area. Shoot me a message! 

2020-06-01 17:46:49
Jesse Arroyo

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2020-05-28 15:24:03