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Posted by avajane on 12/31/20 3:07pm

Broke trail to 4,000, and slumped down exhausted...Then the track poachers who were going to break trail with me showed up! I had already eaten and geared up, so down the perfect powder I went. The top would have been nice, but i needed help to get there. The snow was deep, light and dry, the day bluebird. Another 1000’ of powder above for the next group. The sun hurt the snow where it could, so total shade is what to look for. I got a good patch of sunny turns in towards the bottom, but by tomorrow the lower sun exposed snow will be crusted. Be very careful below 3500’. The road is a good idea. My “Sunny” turns would have been rocky 25’ to either side...

4,000’ high point


It has been essentially windless for the last few days. A tiny bit of wind transport from this ridge, but no issues. No crust layers on the north facing stuff, so solid for me.

3200’ sunny powder


Probably crusted tomorrow...

Finally you got your pow! Looks like a beautiful day!

It was. All you have to do is put in 10-20 bad days and you get one like this🤪. Or if you see my reports and are flexible you can do a little better - but its tough. Freezing Fog is real!😡😳

I’ll second that below 3500’ is kinda fucked. 

Very often. Its a short season there. But those good  turns were less than 3500’ today. I still haven't skied the lower steep part this year, however.

With lower freezing levels and a bunch more snow in the forecast, much of the east side may be coming into its own. My spots have enough base up high, and the lower elevations are almost there. Top to bottom turns next week. I’ll be up at Kings Ridge and the pass, and if the snow really comes down, looking to explore new ridgelines Ive been looking at. Message me if you have some time next week.

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