The Zipper

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Trevor Cichosz on 4/28/21 12:23am

Another night trip because I work for a living. Plus, it’s still so dang warm and wet we can’t get any solid snow but at night.

ive been dying to ride this line since I dropped the slot and learned what a couloir was. I waited too long though. The approach was spotty and the line was slush. Go figure. 


Hyak is looking sad


I eventually gave up and started skinning on rocks


Creek crossing was A OK


The approach


Your mom took this picture


Still a few corniche to be dropped


I triggered about a million slugs on the descent. Should be a good ride now. You’re welcome

Nice pics, good PSA... stay safe out there dude.

Solid work, given the late start. Thanks for the beta.

I would ask how how far back the snow is on the road, but it looks like you skinned up to the top of Hyak, and dropped down the backside? I usually try to wait for this one until I can park to the switchback on FS 9070 at least, but not sure when that will be. Nice work!

do you have gpx for this chute ? Not sure if I have the exact line and I'm trying to ski it this weekend.

Sorry for the late reply. No GPX, but if you follow the road for 4 miles, you'll see it on you left as soon as you start taking the long switchbacks up the mountain towards Silver Peak.

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