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Teanaway condition

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Posted by alpinedad on 5/9/22 11:05am

N Fork Teanaway towards Esmeralda TH is drivable until couple hundred feet past Beverly campground. As of 5/8/22, the road is impassable by a car about 4 miles from Esmeralda TH. Saw a oversized off-road tire equipped Jeep made to the TH but wouldn’t recommend driving even a high clearance truck/SUV yet. There were few groups of folks either hiking or skinning towards Longs pass. 
From the TH to Longs pass, very little walk(20 meters or so), then skinning all the way to the pass. 4000ft and above is very enjoyable snow, more like early March-ish, conditions. All avy debris is completely got smooth and skiable. We were going to tag Fortune Peak, but storm clouds were moving faster than we expected. We changed plan to ski down Longs pass towards Ingalls creek. East side slope had interesting snow. Not quite powder, not really corn either, with a bit of crust. When we got back to top of Longs pass, it was snowing pretty hard.
a week or two, at most, need to get the road to be drivable to the Esmeralda TH.

N fork Teanaway


After passing Beverly Camp, thick snow patches on the road. Then consistent snow.

Esmeralda TH


About three feet of snow still covered the TH

W Longs pass


West slope

E Longs pass


East slope

Thanks for the report!

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