Teanaway Brown Pow (or was it sand?)

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Posted by Unknown Helper on 10/7/19 11:31pm

While folks couldn't get enough white turns at Mission Ridge and Muir Snow Field, a bunch of us decided to soak in the warm Indian Summer sun rays while turning our wheels in the Teanaway Community Forest.

Some sand surfing, cool ridge line riding, sandstone hoodoo paparazzi action and other shenanigans took place on this trip. Oh, did I mention salt block licking almost happened, too? Ya know, the big salty blocks left in the forest for the cattle? Some of us thought they was ice blocks for cooling off their burning quads, mwahaha!!!

Anyway, here go a couple pix:

26.8 km, 00:27:56

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It was fantastic brown turns indeed! All kinds of browns: literally.😁

2019-10-08 17:12:23

Here's something you don't see often.

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