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Posted by avajane on 5/9/20 7:25pm

Spent a beautiful day in Bean Basin. The early birds got the worm. I got some wet slides that had me turning back a few hundred feet from the Bean - Mary’s Peak ridgeline. The corn was overcooked by 11am. I’ve got to get smarter about my spring aspects and timing...That being said, I skied some good, more firm, snow on the west facing side of the basin that made me late.

So was this area closed? I don’t think so, and if it was -nothing was posted or being enforced. By mid afternoon the parking was full and many cars were on the side of the road. Everyone kept their distance, and this large group of safe minded adults had a great time all spread out across Bean Basin and Earl. I drove up to the end of the road - and though Campgrounds said closed - there were lots of people out. The end of the road looked like Silver Peak at its peak. It was way crowded.

I hadn’t skied since March 13th so I was very happy to get out. Though I was solo (as my partners went somewhere else) I kept it very mellow.

Forgot to add that you walk dirt until just below the basin. Above that you can always find places to ski but it wasn’t a huge winter over here. The creek crossing was fine both ways. I still brought a rope after getting shut down 5-6 years ago...


Even cooked - The lower angled snow was safe and turnable.

Bean Basin


This was my “oh crap” moment. I was side hilling with ski crampons when I looked over and saw what I really wanted to ski!

2020-05-10 03:05:11

Thanks for the report; I am sure skiing felt nice after the long break.  Hopefully thing will open more or at least stay opened.

2020-05-10 20:59:56

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