Summit West Skin and Ski

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Randito on 12/17/20 11:51pm

Skinned and skied Pacific Crest and then Thunder Bird by headlamp.    There was a lull in the mixed snow/rain for the skin up Pacific Crest.   Snowing halfway down switched to rain 2/3 down Pactific Crest.   Lower 1/3 was very heavy and wet.    Skinned up Thunderbird to the patrol shack.   Skied down OK to the snow/rain boundry.     Waited a bit to watch a groomer pass by one its way from Central to Pacific Crest.   The followed the corduroy back to the base.

4.9 km, 02:18:12

What GPS mapping product do you use?

GaiaGPS running on my Samsung Galaxy S9+

You inspired me to try a similar night tour at Snoqualmie tonight! Seems like a good way to get in some extra skiing when a desk job keeps me home all week.

Despite growing up in the area, I have never skied Summit West or Central and have only done one tour around Summit East before it officially opened. Any tips about where to park and things to watch out for on a night tour? Obviously grooming equipment may be out and I've read the uphill policy, but I want to be respectful of any unspoken rules as well. 

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