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Summit West

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Zap on 5/11/23 10:47pm

Yes, you can make some turns without walking on dirt. Drive to Alpental-closed on slopes. Summit East with a long walk on dirt.  Summit Central mixed walk. But I included the photo of “Triple 60” with a GREAT LINE on dirt.

I had a fun morning at Summit West. I arrived at 8am and the snow was just getting to premium. Snow next to the road in the parking lot.  Don’t pass the gate near the “Little Thunder” lift. It locks on the weekend.




Love going up there on those sunny days just after the lifts close.  Will miss Alpental for the next couple years - but worth it I think.

My memory is dim on this, but it seems like the melt on the lower slopes happened faster this year.

Anyone venture up FS 9070 to Olallie yet?

@happycamper 9070 still is pretty snowy- as of Sunday it was basically solid snow to the spray fields when I skiied the zipper via Roaring ridge approach. Big berm at the entrance as well, and very good coverage around Mt. Catherine. Give 2 more weeks and you should be able to drive fairly far up for easy approaches to Silver Peak area. 

Right on - thanks!

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