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WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Zap on 3/17/20 6:13pm
A nice afternoon with sun and a few clouds. The temperature was around 50 and the slopes were perfect spring snow. We skinned up the slope with no need for crampons. We did see the climbing track of someone using crampons, probably from earlier today before the sun warmed the slopes.

A few slopes had been groomed on Monday. We chatted with Lisa and her 4-footed buddy, Sophie. We also drove by Central and East. We saw a few folks on the slopes climbing and a few folks walking along the lower slopes with their children. It was a nice time to enjoy the mountains and the sun, and try to forget about Covid-19 for awhile.
WE will pick up the slack at west on thursday . Lazy start around 10am
2020-03-19 02:20:00
I did my favorite skimo loop at Summit Central around noon today and conditions were excellent. Very smooth with just a little softening.

The Central Express chair was running as ski patrollers were removing stuff from the hill. Seemed like they must have had some friends or family up there because some non-patrollers were skiing the lifts as well.
2020-03-19 02:26:00
Hmm in that case I'll take my pass just in case I get lucky???
2020-03-19 03:08:00
Thursday 3/19 About as good as it gets .
10 am start perfect !  4 laps for me ,Jeff and Ken stayed for more.
Drove up seperately per guidelines.
2020-03-20 03:00:00
March 19, 2020 Summit West

We arrived at 2pm with perfect spring conditions. We parked near the Little Thunder lift and made 2 runs. At 3:30 a light wind began blowing. We saw at least 2 dozen skiers with an assortment of dogs during the time we were there. The walkers and sliders parked near the Julie's lift. When we were here Tuesday we saw a bunch of guys building some small jumps -- these had been flattened by the snowcats by today. The skiers and snowboarders were between the Pacific Crest and Wildside lifts.

When we left at 4:30 Summit West was still in the sun, Central was mostly in the shade, and East was all in the shade.

By this weekend we should get the information about uphill climbing at Alpental.
2020-03-20 04:45:00
Still excellent with sunny skies!
Ive seen West be up and running and not have as much crowd as today!
Rumors of snow next week ??
2020-03-22 04:13:00

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