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Stevens Pass

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by Zap on 5/17/23 9:24pm

Started climbing at 8:30am with sun and no wind. I climb at first on Brennan's trail along on the edges with snow.. A moved on the Waterfall trail with snow and then onto the Skyline trail under the Skyline Express lift. Stay on snow as you climb or walk for short distance.

I did not see ski folks  for my visit. The first photo is the Nancy Chute near the 7th Heaven lift. The second photo is under the Skyline Express lift.  The third photo is Marmot Meadow trail under Skyline Express. If you ski down Hog Wild trail, keep far right or be prepared to run out of snow for a short distance.


Nice Zap! I snuck in a DD at sunset last night in good conditions, I think it's the last one for the season for me as it's down to a ski width or less in places and a few "green" turns but still goes top to bottom. Cowboy and Mill valley probably have a week or two left with a little creativity...

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