St Helens worm flows

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by ISkiChoss_Piles on 5/3/21 7:40am

Wanted to get out on a Wednesday for a bit of an adventure. I tried to find some other people to go with, but sadly nobody I knew was open, so I packed up and left Seattle around 8:00. Ended up getting to the parking lot at around 11:30 after seeing a coyote scamper across the road. 

Other people started waking up around 3:30 so I ended up getting up then as well. Made a cup of coffee, put skins on, and ate a muffin I brought from home. 

Left the car at 4:30

Summited at 7:30 (was kinda mobbing)


Waited for a bit for corn to soften and skied the upper section, ended up waiting another half hour and skied down to the car. East facing stuff was in pretty good shape by then, but most everything else was too icy. If I did it again I would want to be skiing down at around 9-10 am

At the top


Some spicy glasses and good views

16.3 km, 04:34:40

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