Squak x2

WA Cascades West Slopes North (Mt Baker)
Posted by nlsiipola on 12/16/20 10:26pm

Late-ish July fun on the Squak. On 7/18 we made the mistake of taking skis off and booting up from the crater rim in thigh-deep mush. Turned around just below the schrund on the Roman Wall at 10’100’ and had fun turns down to 8500’. The sun cups were aggressive from there back down to the trail. Went back on 7/20 and skinned to the summit. Much better than booting! Skied some mashed potatoes off the summit, but the suncups lower down were sun-softened and skied pretty smooth. Crevasses were very visible and avoidable, but increased significantly in just two days.


Too busy to post this the past 5 months? ðŸ˜€

I was like... WTH Nikki skied Squak again and didn't invite me! - Also Squak in December? Double WTH!?!

@Chamois and @Hefta-Gaub...yup, pretty much just getting around to posting some TRs. Maybe I can edit the date to make it more searchable for folks looking for past summer TRs? I’ll try...

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