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Posted by Jens Holsten on 10/31/20 10:54am

Here we go again! Snow has dusted Leavy a couple of times these past weeks. Of course, that ignites ski passion. Last weekend, Andy, Chuck, Ben, and I skinned from the Phelps Creek Trailhead all the way to Spider Gap. Since we traveled through a winter wonderland, I anticipated fantastic skiing. And for October it was pretty good! But alas, the wind had it's way with the snow up high. Still, it was very skiable, with some punchy, wind affected sections to keep us on our toes. The highlight of the day was being able to return all the way back to the car on skis. I've never been able to do that when you can drive to the trailhead. Cool!  


Andy and Chuck skinning through Spider Meadows


Andy breaks trail in deep pow to gain the toe of the Spider Glacier


Ben skins the Spider


Ben makes some tricky, but decent turns to start his season

Able to skin and ski from/to TH?! Wowwww... winter is here!! Great photos.

Oh man that is so great! car to car in October! Awesome.

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