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Posted by BigCountry on 4/18/21 3:53pm

Best wife and I skied McLoughlin, Thielsen and Bailey.  Good snow. No bugs. A bit windy at times. Here's the report....

April 15, McLoughlin. Parked at the Summit snow park. About 2'-3' of snow there.  Walked about 100 meters but really didn't have to before we started skinning.  Followed the PCT trail to the SE Ridge then followed the ridge to the top. Skinned most of the way until it was more efficient to boot w/crampons.  Skied own around 12:43p. Excellent spring snow for 2k then in to the trees.  Skied the entire way back to the parking lot. Would have been better if we traversed left to our uptick and followed the PCT back; less dodging of trees, trees wells and (re)frozen chickenheads of death.  

April 16, Thielsen. Parked at the Thielsen TH.  Plenty of snow at the parking lot. Skinned and then booted w/crampons to the upper saddle around 8848'.  Skied down around 12:46p. Snow was ok - not great. Better lower down. The upper face is melting out fast. Skied farther left than our uptrack and seemed to be more open.  Eventually got on our uptrack/PCT trail and skied right to the parking lot. 

April 17, Bailey.  Parked at the Bailey snopark. Left early at around 5:16a due to the expected heat.  We didn't factor in the wind. Super windy at the top.  We skinned most of the way until we booted w/crampons across the tricky (at least for us) traverses.  VERY WINDY and cold.  We summited then walked below to tuck in a protected spot out of the wind. Waited for 1.32 hours to ski down.  Slightly icy at the top but softened up nicely lower down.  Skied down to the right until we hit the sled/cat road then skated out to the parking lot.  Excellent skating conditions and the snow was much better in the trees than the other two areas.  

Here are some pics:


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