Source Lake

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Jake the Brit on 11/13/20 7:57pm

2' of new, light(ish) snow over the base (bushes & rocks & dirt) up to Source Lake, today, friday, at 10.30AM to 4.30PM


The lady at the Snoq Pass gas station said they were expecting 4-10" overnight. Who knows.


I skinned up the summer trail, which is an avid hazzard, but I was not expecting so much new snow. I trenched up, to the bit above Source Lake where the summer trail disappears. I did try to take a run to the lake, but it was too deep and sticky on the easy-angle, and I ran out of steeper steeper angle slope where you could get going. I had a slightly oversized snowboard, but needed more float. Kinda deep and bottomless with a hard bottom!



Ha, who knew Source Lake would "go" (sort of : ) - thanks for the recon mission, Jake.

Let's hope for good snow dump this weekend.

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2020-11-14 03:57:41