Snowpatch below Vesper

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Posted by zak on 7/27/21 10:08pm

Hiked up to the lake just below Vesper. 

Stopped on the way up before entering the pass to ski a 200ft snow patch that probably hides in the shade. Also, tested out some new boot crampons.

There was still probably 400ft of continuous snow (half way down from the summit to the lake?) off the peak. Seemed surprisingly skiable from afar.

Traction and an ice axe would probably be nice for going up.

Hung out at the lake, snacked and sketched a bit before hiking out. Lovely July day.


View towards Morning Star

Nice TR. I am thinking about vesper this Saturday to notch a July tour. Planning on hiking to the top, how much vert do you think I’ll have to ski?  

Thanks - Not sure how much has melted out in the past week.

I wouldn't be surprised if most of the 300' vert that I saw off the summit is still there.

The pass is dry.

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