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Snow Patch above Colchuck Lake

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Posted by Reed on 7/27/21 1:56pm

After deciding to lug my skis up to Lake Colchuck to finish out July I took a look at some recent Facebook posts and noticed this snow patch in the background of each photo and talked myself into it being a good idea!


A photo from the photo taking spot at the lake.


Finally made it up to the snow patch and it turns out to be a little higher up, small pebbles and dirt and had a good amount of shark fins just lying in wait to give me a core shot. But, the snow was firm not horribly sun cupped and it provided great relief from the 90 degree weather we've been having out here.


View from the top of the snow patch. It looks like there was recent rock fall and the patch of snow is definitely melting out quickly so it won't last much longer and may cause more rock fall to happen.

How was the hike around the lake? I've not done that trail in summer in many years. Last time I did it we were able to ski across the lake ;-)

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