Snoqualmie/Lundin (should’ve known better)

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Bryan on 1/16/21 5:18pm

Despite the report from yesterday, we decided to head towards Snoqualmie ridge/Lundin.  
Basically we need about 2 feet of new snow.  It’s a minefield  of avy debris. We were able to make it to 5.5k and skied through the trees to avoid the majority of the avy debris. Snoqualmie ridge looked ok, but there are runnels everywhere from the recent rain.

We started our descent around 12:30, and only experienced minor sloughing. 



Cave ridge


Between the exit of Lundin and cave ridge is where we found the “best” snow to ski


Lundin. Avy debris extended up about 2/3 up the slope/couloir.


Large crown on Red

Thanks for the report Bryan.  Source Lake area on Saturday looked similar, with a lot of avy debris.  We were not sure if there was any skiable snow higher up but we didn't investigate.  Almost spring  like day though.

Holy macro - I figured things were bad at the Pass, but this exceeds all expectations five fold. I'm glad you got back safely with no injuries, and thanks for the TR.

Somebody had to go check. Good on you. Thanks for the timely report.

Oh - that is grim.  Thanks for the photos.  I put the mountain bike rack back on the car, temporarily.

Thanks everyone.  Wise decision- looks like I will be getting the mountain bike out too.  I remain optimistic that come mid February/March this La Niña will deliver  🤞

On a scale of 1 to HELL NO, how bad of an idea do you think it would be to try the Slot this weekend?

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