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Posted by ski_photomatt on 12/20/20 9:28pm

I have a low bar. Any day on snow is better then any day not on snow. But it was bad.  Hideous breakable crust left us seeking out the refrozen tree trip. At least it was predictable.  Truth be told there were a few good (3/10) turns up high - solid enough crust that it "wasn't horrible" - the remainder was survival skiing.  But we were the only people stupid enough to be up there on a day when Chair 2 at Alpental was closed due to poor and icy conditions.  Solitude FTW!!!  The weather was reasonable, the views were as good as ever, and the base is deep for December!!!!  Happy holidays one and all :-)

ha!  like Rob txtd me: You missed an amazing day of skiing!
...amazingly bad that is. 
Crazy yo-yo weather patterns
Even those trees way up yonder still carrying snow--and a smidgen of hope--were just a crusty illusion
Saw a sun break or two lighting up the mountain from across the way tho, looked good.

from the one who bailed

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