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Slot Couloir

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by bugbusters on 3/13/22 7:47am

An excellent day at Snoqualmie Mt with some variable conditions.  Blue bird sky with temps in the 30s and ending in 40s.  On way up south face of Snoqualmie, saw evidence of avvy debris in the phantom tree area.  Gained slot entrance around 11:30am.  Upper 50M of slot with very compact snow and minimal purchase and challenges to hold an edge.  Lower in slot had mixture of compact snow conditions mixed with other areas with excellent conditions with 6-12 inches of light snow that was easy to turn in.  Exiting skiers left to Thunder Creek drainage with more evidence of avvy debris.  The exit to Thunder Creek notch was safe with a whippet, though the steps and toe holds were smaller than desired in places.  If it had been colder or icier, an ice axe would have been desired.  The descent from the notch was glorious with corn up high turning to skiable mashed potatos near the waterfall.  Descent through cliff band was snow covered and reasonable.  Overall, an excellent day with good snow coverage and excellent turns with some challenging conditions in the slot.

Avvy debris on South Face of Snoqualmie Mt


Slot Entrance


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