Silver to Annete

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Grant on 3/27/21 6:47pm

Parked about 1/4 mile back from Annette Lake Trailhead. Tried skinning the trail, but ended up taking skis off and on, better luck just walking. Shortly after the iron horse, got tired of the trail's inconsistent snow and made our way skinning consistent snow up to the ridge line. Did a short line into the bowl/glades on the northeast side of silver. Roller balls galor on sun affected snow. Made our way back to the ridge-line trying our best to get around some corniced and sun affected slopes. Dropped in on the west at 1pm to some excellent corn. Closer to the lake was wet and heavy. Made our way on the west of the creek back to the car, lots of recent slides there.

Skinning up - lots of sun


Hitting the magic


Skinning back, west side of the creek.


Great!  Cornice concerns at the ridge?  Talk to me about the ski down the west side of the Annette outlet creek to the Iron Horse trail!  Thanks

Thanks @David-Koelle! Definitely some cornices on the east side of the ridge, you can see them in the background on my first photo. Tried to navigate our best above/below them and balance wet loose concerns to get to the backside. We weren't comfortable following the ridge in a section because it narrowed and you had to travel on top of those eastfacing overhung cornices in the center right of my photo, so we dropped into the bowl and gained the ridge again at a higher section where the snow was less sun affected. 

The ski down the west side of Annette outlet creek was wet and heavy and we had to cross and navigate around a lot of avalanche debris, so ended up skinning ~3/4 of it. Flattens out too at the end, but wanted to avoid walking the trail and being in the trees.

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