Silver Peak West Face

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Trevor Cichosz on 4/19/21 1:00am

Started at Annette Lake TH boot packing. At the Iron Horse trail we should’ve stayed on the trail but I opted to hug Humpback mountain because the skinning would have better views. I’m a sucker for views.

Humpback shed a lot of snow the last week and we skinned through the debris. Around mile 3, I gave up on finding a snow bridge across the creek and decided to cross it. When I stood on the edge to suss out the crossing the snow gave out and I fell in. Had to cross now. Sarah had to hand me my board and we crossed. Both getting wet. 100 feet up the trail I found a bridge. Oh well. 

the snow was wet but firm and we topped out on the ridge around 1300 to the sound of snow machines. I took the opportunity to jump off a cornice into the bowl and beg for a ride back up. Thank you whoever that was.

we tagged the summit then dropped in around 1500. Late, I know. 

I took a sharp cut above the trees to test the snow and it felt good. So we surfed the big beautiful face until it constricted into the trees then cut right shortly after passing the trail. 


Humpback East slope avalanche debris


Creek crossing


The bowl






The ride

I enjoy your style of the TR and photos.😀

Thanks for the report!

Anytime. See ya'll up there

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