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Silver Peak

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by Jim Keany on 5/21/24 7:26pm

We went up for a half day of afternoon turns.  Surprisingly, the road was still skiable from about 200 yards downhill of the PCT trailhead with only a 40 yard interruption.  The upper ridge of the peak was a slushfest, seems like there was some recent, unsettled snow there.    Lower down the basin the snow was firmed up and fun.   OK for a close by trip.

We took a snack break below the west ridge in the upper basin where I found a pair of gloves on a rock.   ID them and I'll get them back to you.  



In previous years we have always skied directly up the left side of clear cut from Windy Pass instead of following the road. This year we found that the previously small Christmas trees have grown up and are now very difficult to navigate mid-way up the clearcut. We will be sticking to the road in the future.

Here are a few images from our venture. 

May2024 Silver Ski | Flickr

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