September 2, 2019, Sundance Mountain, Colorado

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Posted by MW88888888 on 9/5/19 12:08pm
Day #1 2019

It was a massively big day that started out like every other Labor Day. 

For the past 5 years or so Emerald and I have been making an End of Summer solo trip into the mountains to spend the day together, bumming around Estes, lunching at the Stanley Hotel, hiking and skiing on the snowfields above town.  Ice cream at the end of the hiking/skiing on the wooden porch of the family owned store in Estes.  Good times, good times.

This year she brought her skis.  And drove the whole way (on her learners permit!).

Her first backcountry ski.  Her first September turns (now I've done it! A TAYer is born).  Her first time driving us to the ski hill.  Finally getting to ski all the silly summer skiing spots instead of just watching (and taking pictures).  It was a pretty special day. 

What a great start to the season.  I had three days of great August skiing as well, rounding out last season as pretty fantastic here in Colorado. 

The law of averages says I should be worried, but with such hope and happiness on the first day, I'm thinking I'll be happy no matter what happens.

Some things in life we can depend on and that feels comforting in this world of sorrow.   

Great tr...thanks for posting...soulful vibes....
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"The Team". ;)
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