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September 13, 2002, Brohm Ridge, Squamish, BC

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Posted by Jonathan on 9/16/02 10:30am
The good folks from G3 were testing out some of their new gear for the upcoming season late last week and I managed to join up with them for a trip up Brohm Ridge near Mount Garibaldi. Through top-secret means, they had negotiated to obtain the gate key, so we sailed through the 4400 foot level and drove right to 6000 feet. After about 10 minutes on foot, we were on rather firm corn snow.

We did 4 runs ranging from 300-1000 ft each, which were smooth enough at the top but rather bumpy down below. Doug, Oliver and James were in fine form while I ignomiously provided wipe-out/self-arrest entertainment for the day on the first run and got a good corn snow rash on my arm for my trouble. We got right to the access to the Warren Glacier (full of big slots at this time of year) and then worked our way back. The general consensus was that the Microwave Tower snow was a bit better at this time of year.

The weather was fantastic, with lots of sunshine, a cool breeze and great 360 degree views all round, although the horse flies were out in force. Access is a bit restrictive since it's hard to get the key and most folks will have to walk from the 4400 foot level to around 6000 feet. All in all, the Microwave Towers is a longer drive but probably easier to access.

I've heard a lot about the "microwave tower" touring near Whistler, Jonathan.  Is there a locked gate blocking access to that area?

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