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Rock mtn

WA Stevens Pass
Posted by undermyownpower on 3/20/22 7:02pm

Following the last TR , this seems hardly worth it. But here’s the beta anyway.

This is my 3 time on Rock. 2 times like this and one earlier in the year in solid powder conditions. Rock is crap from the road to 5000FT. Above 5000ft the snow is good,  at least to 5200 feet where I turned around. The east side of the ridge was wind loaded. Though I did not set any slides off here i was solo and a little spooked to continue under the cornices that formed on the ridge.

From the road to 5000ft. It would have been better if the trail was completely melted out and I could have booted it. I skinned, boot packed and walked. The way down was worse. Avoiding the rocks and trying to link snow patches was an exercise in , well , skiing in the PNW! 

It’s lean times for quality, low overhead b/c skiing right now. Not impossible but challenging.


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