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Red Pass and Lundin Peak

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by skistache on 6/7/22 7:56am

Woke up to unexpectedly dry weather on Saturday morning, and decided to ski the back side of Red Pass down the Old Cascade Crest Trail chute. Snow into the Commonwealth is consistent down to pass level, but travel was slowed down by huge swathes of avalanche debris that ran down off of Kendall Peak earlier in the year. Just below Red Mountain there's remains of a historically large avalanche that snapped 12-18" trees over 100m past the end of the defined chute. 

Skinning up to Red Pass was easy, with only 1 section of booting and a little slop in the bowl just below the pass. The north side of Red Pass has a few inches of slop on top of firm and stable spring snow, and skiied great! Booted up the chute, and climbed up the most easterly peak of Lundin. Seeing dark clouds coming in from the west, I quickly skiied back down into the Commonwealth via the creekbed just west of the summer Red Pass hiking trail. A quick transition and 10 minutes of skinning got me through the flatter parts, with good coverage on the ski back down to pass level. 

Avvy Chute in Commonwealth


Looking down towards Middle fork


More chutes on the north side of Red


Top of Lundin


Down route


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