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Rampart ridge via lake lillian backdoor - left poles at TH

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by jupsal on 7/5/22 9:56pm

Went to Rampart Ridge via the Lake Lillian backdoor today. Snow starts and is essentially continuous from Lake Lillian and beyond. Best lines of the day for me were on the east side of the ridge above lake lillian, in which I could get about 500' vert. I kept looking at Dungeon Peak all day, that looked like the line to take. It looks like you can ski all the way to gold lake still. I saw a few tracks up there, it looks like people entered from Lake Lillian as there were tracks across the lake. I skied across lake Lillian but it's starting to melt out at the edges. 


I'm planning to be out there this Sunday - I'll keep my eyes peeled and reply back if I find them! It'll be my first time up there - what's the hike in from the trailhead like? Worthy of hiking boots or ok with ski boots? Thx

Sorry I missed the message Rich. I hiked in with crocs, switching to boots at Lake Lillian. I went back and got my poles. 

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