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Pinnacle Patch

WA Cascades West Slopes South (Mt Rainier)
Posted by mikerolfs on 9/20/23 5:07pm

Never having been there, Jtack suggested we visit the Pinnacle Glacier just south of Paradise. Previous TR's show TAY parties, pond skims and great views of Mt. Rainier. It looks like a sweet place to go! We walked up to the top of the glacier, and guess what... the glacier is gone. Maybe there is some ice under a layer of rocks, the photo kind of makes it look that way. But in person, it looks a whole lot like a dry slope.

We backtracked to the Pinnacle Patch. I read in a 2022 FB report that this patch was a super easy access spot, but I'm not sure I agree. I seldom wear a helmet, but I wished for one in the access gully. It was loose rock on ground that would shed it's cover if tilted just slightly steeper. We joke that September is the cruelest month. I submit that THIS September, 2023, is the cruelest of my 13 TAY Septembers. It is just amazing how dry the mountains are in every direction from every high point. This remnant "snow" was firm enough that I couldn't penetrate it with my poles and we needed sharps to walk back up the very low inclined slope. We had a great day, but some really terrible skiing.

Not trip related, but TR help request: I used to be able to link photos by URL in TR's. I can't make that work anymore and maybe it's because I'm rusty, or maybe something changed? I don't like the direct upload option in the media tab because I don't have any control over photo rotation and I can't place them within the prose of my report. Can anyone step me through the url upload within the body "insert image" process? I went back and read the "can't upload photos" forum, but I think the discussion in there is obsolete. Thanks!

The Pinnacle Glacier


The Pinnacle Glacier


The Pinnacle Patch from the trail




surface hardness clues


 Mike, thank you for the photos specially the last two. 😀


I ended up on a Plan B hike up to Lake Serene a week ago and the snow patches there looked as good--and actually better. Low hanging fruit. Less of a drive. And you can get your September swim in too. Which is what we did.

The Lake Serene trail is sorely lacking in hikers with skis on their back...


Hey great idea, Cumulus! Thanks for the tip.

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