Pineapple Pass

WA Snoqualmie Pass
Posted by alpinedad on 12/22/20 7:51pm

Luckily we had more than a foot of fresh snow last night and temp had been around or lower than freezing point. The pass had solid stability everywhere: below, around, above tree line. There was little more than a foot of powder on top of rain-cemented compact snow as a foundation. From a distance, near the top of pass looked wind loaded but it was all good. 

One thing that bothered me was the snowshoers. There were about a dozen people all with REI rental snowshoes walking so closed to each other on skiers exit route. None of them wearing masks. 
It’s still early season that there aren’t enough snow coverage around the exit route to the parking lot. It’s not easy ski out but perfectly doable. Watch out for those people coming up in wrong way.

Pineapple near the top


Still can see some definitions of rocks but snow coverages are good.


Looking down from the top

Looks decent - thanks for the info


What does coming up in wrong way mean?

Pretty sure it means uphill travelers.

Nice looking turns!

“Coming up in wrong way” people taking ski/downhill exit route as uphill travel.


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